Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Probably the nerdiest post ever. Which is kind of saying something.

First, a disclaimer.  My camera is continuing to slowly die.  Now I can't see anything on the screen on the camera, so I have to be all old school and look through the viewfinder to take pictures and hope for the best.  It's a pain in the ass to say the least, and that's why my photography skills are even worse than usual.  Feel free to start up a collection to get me a new bad ass camera.

And now, your regularly scheduled blog post.

So here's the thing - I'm pretty nerdy.  I've accepted this, I feel like I own it.  But sometimes, I even out-nerd myself.  This is one of those times.  See, sometimes I like to work on a puzzle.  There's something about it that I find relaxing - finding order in chaos, working on a problem that has a solution.  It's like untangling a knot, you just have to be patient and eventually it will be sorted out.  Now, I'm also a giant Lost nerd.  So when I came across two of the series of four 1000 piece official Lost puzzles at Winners a few years ago, I had to get them.  They were on clearance!  How could I resist?  Of course, because they're Lost puzzles, there's no picture on the box to go on.  They're extra mysterious.

So anyway, I finished the first one and the second one has been in progress for quite some time.  Now that Vivian's around it isn't really practical to just bust out a 1000 piece puzzle.  So both puzzles have been safely kept in their protective rollers since moving out of the apartment.  

Then, at work a couple of weeks ago, we got all these big pieces of cardboard.  And of course my co-workers were all "Bring it home and make a playhouse for Vivian!"  I did mounted my super-nerdy puzzle instead.

They are really nice big pieces of cardboard that are all folded up, so it was nice and easy to roll out the puzzle on the cardboard and be able to just fold it and flip it as needed.  Once I flipped it face down, I just sprayed adhesive on the opposite side and closed it back up to get it all nice and stuck down.  A quick coat of Mod Podge on the other side and I was good to cut it out of the cardboard.

I know that this is like the nerdiest thing ever, but this makes me really happy to have it out in the open instead of in a tube in a closet.  And now I totally want to start working on the other one!

Oh, and yes.  There is one goddamn piece missing from the puzzle, and it's driving me crazy.  There were actually two pieces missing, but I found one in the closet, so I'm pretty sure this missing piece is just waiting to be found as well.  Fingers crossed!

So I can't be the only one who likes to kick back with a puzzle.  What's your nerdiest habit?  We're all friends here.

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