Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Knick Knack Kno

I'm noticing a trend as I continue my purge.  I don't like knick knacks.  I just don't understand them.  So it's just something that looks nice and just sits on a shelf or something?  And that's it?  And then you just admire it and dust it?

I don't understand!

And it's not that I don't like stuff.  I love me some stuff.  I just like stuff that's functional or can hang on a wall I guess.  I read all these awesome blogs and they'll have cute little dressers and mantles covered in beautiful vases and unique little collections of found objects and I just don't get it.  Maybe I'm boring, or maybe I'm just too lazy to dust anything more than what I absolutely have to (says the person who is amazed by how clear the TV is when it's not covered in an inch of dust.)

And so after much purging, here's what I'm left with in the knick knack department.

Those random chess pieces that I got at a thrift store.  I tried to spray paint them and it didn't go so well, so I'll have to get back to them.

My old whiskey jars (I got them at a yard sale a few years ago and I love them).  Please ignore the dust.  Also, my Catwoman figure that I won at Free Comic Book Day last year.

This old wooden shark.  I've considered getting rid of him many times, but sharks are cool, so he sticks around.

And this vase - a $5 clearance find at Winners about a hundred years ago.

I'm not sure - maybe it's just because Vivian is around and will literally destroy anything in her path, or maybe I'm just more of a minimalist than I thought.

What about you?  Can you resist the knick knacks?  Do you think they're just dust collectors too?

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