Thursday, 24 May 2012

Christmas in May

The most unbelievable thing has happened.

I have already bought Christmas presents.

Now, I know that this may not be a big deal to some of you out there who do all your Christmas shopping before August and have them all wrapped and under the tree by Labour Day, but for a constant Christmas Eve shopper like me, this is a big deal.

See, I'm the constant procrastinator.  Four years of university and there was only one essay that I ever wrote sooner than the night before it was due.  And the one essay that I tried to write ahead of time?  My computer crashed the night before it was due and I had to rewrite the whole damn thing the night before/morning of anyway.  So Christmas shopping definitely doesn't happen ahead of time.  My other problem is that I like giving people things way too much.  I'll come up with an idea for a gift and want to tell that person about it immediately.  If I buy it early, I want to give it to them right that second.  I'm terrible.

So why the sudden change in character?  Simple - a freaking insane clearance sale at the Superstore.  They've had super good toys on sale for dirt cheap prices.  Play-Doh sets for $3?  A 31-piece tea set for $5?  Disney Princess dress-up clothes for $4?  A 24-piece set of Black and Decker toy tools for $4?  Sign me up.

So for now I have a growing pile of birthday/Christmas presents for Vivian, or for any other children who might need a gift.  With mom and the foster kids, you never know when you might need a last minute gift.

Of course, that all depends on whether or not I'll be able to hold out on giving them to Vivian.  Let me tell you, I have been mighty tempted to bust into that tool set with her!

So tell me - when do you do your Christmas shopping?  Are you a frantic last minute shopper, or are you stupidly organized?  Hey, sometimes last minute shopping pays off, remember?

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