Friday, 27 April 2012

Vivian Vendredi - I don't even know what this is about

Vivian is a weird kid.  I fully admit this.  I have no idea where she comes up with things sometimes.  But last weekend at my mom's house, her weirdness hit new heights.

At my mom's, Vivian loves to take a bath with the other kids.  Sometimes she ends up having a couple of baths so she can get in there with everyone (mom has three foster kids right now).  After her first bath I was trying to get her into a diaper and in her pajamas when she started losing it.  Crying, screaming, throwing herself around.  Mom says, "She wants a Pull-Up like the big kids!"  Of course, my mom knows best and that was exactly what Vivian wanted.  So she got to put on one of those Huggies pull-on diapers and continued to play.  No big deal.

Then it was getting to be time to leave so I went to change her into her overnight diaper before we headed home.  Again, a monster tantrum because I was putting a "baby" diaper on her instead of a big kid Pull-Up.  Luckily, Grammy was there to save the day again with this solution...

Yes, Vivian is wearing a Pull-Up over her pajamas.  And she stayed that way all night long and couldn't have been happier about it.

What a little weirdo.

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Joan Crawford said...

Aw! I love them when they're so little and unaware of the fact that other people don't wear diapers over their clothes or if they do realize, they don't care. I think I could learn a lesson from her.

*Pulls a Depends "dignity garment" up over her jeans*