Friday, 6 April 2012

Vivian Vendredi - Froggy Friend

Vivian has a new love in her life.  He's cuddly and green and she loves him to pieces.  It's her froggy blanket.

It's the funniest blanket - it has a hood and hands so it's kind of a costume too.

It's so random because I got it from a coworker at my work baby shower before she was born.  I'd had it tucked away because it seemed like something she would enjoy more when she got older and understood the concept of dress up a little bit more.  Then I took it out and was going to give it to my mom for her foster kids to play with, and as soon as Vivian saw it she snatched it up and hasn't let it go since.

It has to be the first blanket that touches her when she gets tucked in.  She has to cuddle with it on the couch when she's sleepy.  And if someone else touches it, she will throw herself on the floor and bang her head and generally have a giant meltdown.  So please, hands off the froggy.

The funny thing is, Jagger parents just sent her a similar blanket for Easter, not knowing about the froggy blanket obsession.  The new one is Bugs Bunny though.  I tried to hand it to her today, thinking she might take to it the same way, but she literally turned and ran away from me, pointing and running until she found her beloved froggy.  It's true love.

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Anonymous said...

That's super cute!!! - Sheri