Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Still holding on

 Do you have any lingering childhood obsessions?  Any passion that you just can't seem to let go of, even after all these years?  I do.

Meet my V.C. Andrews collection.

Remember V.C. Andrews?  Of "Flowers in the Attic" fame?  And all of those other delightfully trashy, just smutty enough to be exciting books?  I love them, LOVE them.  Even now, I keep buying them.  I can't stop at this point - I want the complete set!

The hilarious thing is that the real V.C. Andrews died years ago, very early into the series.  She was such a success that the family found a ghost writer to finish up the stories she left behind and to continue her vision.  Because of that, most of the series became terribly repetitive and seem to follow a pretty basic formula - Book 1 introduces you to our heroine, whose idyllic world is soon turned upside down by some family tragedy.  Book 2 usually sees her going off to school somewhere to encounter more demons of her past.  Book 3 tells the story of her children, and Book 4 is typically a prequel where we find out her mother's backstory.  Simple, but satisfying.

I'm a few books behind right now, but I just can't help picking them up whenever I find one that I'm missing. Maybe it's just the nostalgia of them - I spent many a summer and Christmas vacation hiding out with a stack of V.C. Andrews books.  Maybe it's the simple comfort of knowing that things will end up okay for the heroine in the end.  Maybe it's just the fact that sometimes you need to read something a little bit stupid to give your brain a break.  Or maybe I just really enjoy them.

What about you?  Any guilty pleasures you want to fess up to?

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lisaampraill said...

i have a few VC Andrews books. If i have any you are missing you are welcome to them :)