Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Soundtrack Sound-Off - Godzilla

So a while ago I wanted some "new" CDs in my car.  And by "new" I meant I wanted some old CDs that I knew every word to so I could sing along and generally be an idiot.  It's allowed though because my car has super dark tinting on the windows.  So as I combed through the hundreds of dusty CD cases I suddenly became possessed with the memory of the Godzilla soundtrack and how freaking awesome it was.  It's one of those total time capsule albums for me.  Just picturing the case makes me remember grade 10 drama class, listening to it while I was babysitting for someone who never came home when they said they would, so I would sit around and listen to music and watch Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place and talk to boys on the phone.  Ah yes, it doesn't get much more 1998 than this.

So I got the idea in my head about how awesome this soundtrack was - and then of course I couldn't find it in the collection.  Boo-urns.  Then I got the idea to throw it out to Facebook - what are your favourite soundtracks?  I'll write a blog about them!  And then I ended up with like 50 comments from people and was completely overwhelmed.

But, I shall persevere!  So consider this the first in a series of posts about soundtracks.  About how awesome they are and what makes them that way.  Leave me some comments and let me know what your favourite soundtrack is and maybe you'll find a post about it one day!

So - Godzilla.  Here's a quick rundown for you.  I distinctly remember my favourite tracks being Come With Me, Deeper Underground, No Shelter, and Undercover.  Oh, and don't forget about the Godzilla version of Brain Stew.  I mean, come on.  Godzilla is like a backup singer on it.  Doesn't get much better than that!  Those were definitely the standouts.  I'll admit - I haven't re-listened to any of these songs in preparation for this post, but I intend to.  I'll be interested to see how my tastes have changed over the years.

1. Heroes - The Wallflowers

2. Come With Me - Puff Daddy feat. Jimmy Page

3. Deeper Underground - Jamiroquai

4. No Shelter - Rage Against the Machine

5. Air - Ben Folds Five

6. Running Knees - Days of the New

7. Macy Day Parade - Michael Penn

8. Walk the Sky - Fuel

9. A320 - Foo Fighters

10. Brain Stew (Godzilla Remix) - Green Day

11. Untitled - Silverchair

12. Out There - Fuzzbubble

13. Undercover - Joey DeLuxe

14. Opening Titles - David Arnold

15. Looking For Clues - David Arnold

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