Thursday, 19 April 2012

Outfit of the Day - Catcalls and Ill-Fitting Pants

I haven't done an outfit of the day post for a bit, mostly because I haven't worn anything interesting or new to the blog lately.  I wasn't even going to blog the outfit today, because it barely qualifies as an outfit, but then it generated some interest that made it blog-worthy.

See, I work in a terrible part of the city.  Like I've literally stepped over discarded needles on my way from the parking lot to the office.  Hookers are a regular part of the scenery.  It's not a nice area.  I also have to park across the street from my office, so I have to jaywalk across the street all the time.  All of this culminates in me doing a lot of fast walking with my head down, trying not to attract attention.  So today I was walking to my car at lunchtime when a guy was walking down the street towards me.  I keep walking with my head down, as I usually do when he yells, "Well hey there!  Nice shoes!  I like the colour!"  You can't really tell from these oddly-lit pictures, but I'm wearing purple shoes with an otherwise very boring outfit that includes pants I never wear because they're too big on me and it's annoying.  "Thanks," I replied, somewhat pleasantly, but still walking quickly to avoid any conversation. 

Then he yelled again - "Everything else is pretty nice too!"  


So apparently the outfit is better than I thought?  Who knows.  He was probably just another random crazy person.

Shirt - George
Pants - Smart Set
Shoes - Old Navy

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