Thursday, 12 April 2012

Embroidery Hoops Love T-Shirts (And Vice Versa)

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I bought a bunch of embroidery hoops from the thrift store?  I've been wanting to do something with them, but didn't want to rush it and wanted something to come together organically.  So because I'm still on this major purge (seriously, I have gotten rid of SO MUCH STUFF.  I can't stop) I went through some old T-shirts that I don't wear anymore, but can't bear to get rid of for one reason or another.

This is a super old Emily the Strange T-shirt.  Seriously, it's a shirt from high school.  I love it though, and it used to be my go-to painting shirt.  However, it's had its time and doesn't get worn anymore.  So I gave it new life by throwing it in the embroidery hoop and calling it art.

Embroidery hoops are super fun.  Just throw what you want in there, screw it together and cut off the excess.  Boom.

I still have a bunch of hoops, but no other shirts with a design that will fit in them.  I would like to use some to save any favourite clothes of Vivian's that she has outgrown.

Any other suggestions?  Anyone do any crafty-type stuff this week?

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