Monday, 30 April 2012

Dali to Locke

I teased it last week, so here's the conclusion of what I did with my sad old Dali print.  It was looking pretty outdated - which is to be expected since I got it when I was like 15 from a clearance bin at Zellers.

Now, here's something you may not know about me.  I love art, but hate buying frames.  It just seems like the dumbest thing to spend money on to me.  I hate it.  So because of that, I have a lot of things that need to be in frames that aren't, and a lot of things that are in broken frames.  (I don't know why, but I break frames like crazy.  There are so many frames without glass around here, it's not even funny.)

Anyway, you might remember this John Locke print I got at the FanExpo a couple of years ago.  I love it, and I did have it framed, but then the frame fell and broke and it went back in the closet.  But look at how handsome he looks now!

I took the whole things apart and spray painted the frame with my favourite shimmery metallic black spray paint from Valspar.  Then I flipped the print around - luckily it was mounted on cardboard - and spray painted it with some celery green Krylon spray paint that I had laying around.  Then it was just a matter of putting it all back together and throwing it on the wall.

Now, because it was a super cheap frame, it was one of those kind with the staples that you have to fold back to get the back off.  So that made it really difficult to get the glass out without breaking it, and impossible to get it back in.  So I had to pull out all the staples, then bust out my staple gun to put more in to hold it all together.  Fun fact - it's really hard to get staples only halfway into something.  You have to kind of hold the staple gun a little ways away from the surface and then hope that you don't miss.  And yes, I ended up bleeding by the end of the process.

But hey - look how nice John Locke looks!  Don't tell him what he can't do!

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