Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Come On, You Can Admit It

We're all adults here, right?  So I think we can talk about something serious.  Sometimes, when you're a kid you get crushes on animated characters.

It happens.

I had never really given it too much thought, then I came across this article on The Mary Sue (which is an awesome website, by the way) and it was SO TRUE.  I know the video is super long, but it's so funny it's totally worth a watch.

However - the list doesn't include two of my favourite childhood crushes.

Are you ready for this?  Don't judge me.  This is a safe space.

First up?  Robin Hood.

Yes, Disney Robin Hood.  I mean, come on.  He's a hot anthropomorphic fox.  And he's British.  And he's Robin Hood.  It's all good in the Hood.  Anyone else remember this movie?  I loved it so much as a kid - and I swooned every time he told Maid Marian that he loves her more than life itself.  What can I say, I guess I was a young romantic.

Also a hot cartoon character?

Darkwing Duck.

Single dad, superhero, not a fan of pants...what's not to love?

So come on, fess up.  I know you had an animated crush too.  We all have them, and I want to know what yours is.


Ana Tirolese said...

I had a crush on Marvel's X-Men animated Wolverine!

Joan Crawford said...

I have freely admitted my crush of cartoon Batman for years! Ha, it's so true about Robin Hood, I'd never thought of it, but you're right.