Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Not in the cards

Here's something you may not know about me.

I hate card games.

My brain just can't handle them.  I can never remember the rules, and I just get frustrated.  And no, you can't teach me how to play euchre.  Like a million people have tried and I get completely overwhelmed with the pressure of having a partner and just end up throwing down random cards.  Trump?  Bauer?  I don't understand!

The extent of my card playing expertise pretty much starts and finishes with Asshole, which is the easiest game ever.  Maybe a round of Go Fish, but I always forget - can you lie in Go Fish?  Or is it supposed to be an honest game?  Don't bother me with Crazy 8s, I would much rather play Uno.  At least that way the cards tell you what they do!

I can fumble my way through a game of poker, but I never remember when I can check and when I can't.  And I never remember what beats what, so I'm basically just blindly playing along and manage to win a few hands every now and then because I end up being a totally unpredictable player.

The funny thing is, I love cards themselves.  I love the look of a deck of cards.  I love having them in the house.  I love how different they can be and the art and design of them.  Just don't make me play a game of Euchre - I don't care if there are three people who desperately want to play!

I do enjoy a good game of computer solitaire though.


Paula said...

I hate cards too! I thought I was the only one!

Eleven's Ink said...

I never would have guessed you disliked card games!!! Never heard of euchre but love card games!! (mostly games including cards - cribbage, sorry, toc, sequence)

lisaampraill said...

Kyle hates cards and refuses to play/learn with us either. I thought he was the only one!

ashlie said...

See, this is the best part about blogging! Finding out that you're not the only crazy one out there!