Thursday, 22 March 2012

Mad Men Party Up In Here

I'm sorry, is that weird to mix Mad Men and DMX?  No?  Cool.

So I'm sure if you're awesome enough to read my blog then you're also awesome enough to be pumped that Mad Men is returning this Sunday.

And if you're really awesome, then you'll be at my place on Sunday night eating snacky things off of vintage dishes.

Yes, my friend Jenn and I will be having a little Mad Men party.  If you're in the greater Strathroy area and enjoy such things and want to hang out with us swooning over how dreamy Don Draper is, then you should come over!

There will be deviled eggs and lots of other yummy snacks and beverages!

And I promise to wash all of my stuff.

Plus, I will be getting ideas from this little darling...

I told my coworkers about the party so they could share any fun appetizer recipes with me they might have.  And doesn't my coworkers Deb walk in the next day with this gem from 1960.  Are you dying right now?  I'm dying.  I love this book so much.

The vintage graphics kill me.  It's so awesome - and there's even little suggestions about etiquette which I LOVE.  

How about you?  Stoked for the return of Mad Men?  Having any fun upcoming theme parties?  What's your favourite appetizer recipe?

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Sara said...

Y'all gonna make me lose my mind, up in here, up in here! Now that song is stuck in my head! Your party looks like it is going to be festive. I've never watched Mad Men and I hear I'm missing out. Would it be too hard to figure out what's going on if I tune in on Sunday or do I need to start from the beginning? Hope your party goes well!