Thursday, 2 February 2012

Xs and Os for xoJane

I have a new obsession.  It's not really new for me to get new obsessions, but this one is particularly exciting, because it connects to an old obsession.

I mentioned in my love of Jane magazine in my post about my pre-Pinterest binders.  They were so great. I can remember the day I stopped reading Cosmopolitan.  It was when I came across an article on how to get the perfect giggle.  So not for me.  Jane was full of exciting, interesting articles about clothes and makeup, sure, but also about social issues and politics and self-esteem.

You guys - Jane has been reborn as  What will you find at xoJane?  Well, let's see what the site has to say about itself...

" is where women go when they are being selfish, and where their selfishness is applauded.  This is not the place to find out how to please your husband, mom, kids or boss.  This is the place to indulge in what makes you feel good.

We are not snarky, but inclusive and uplifting, while remaining nothing but honest at all times.  Like Sassy and Jane before it, is written by a group of women (and some token males) with strong voices, identities and opinions, many in direct opposition to each other, who are living what they are writing about. is not about changing yourself to fit any mold of what others think you should be.  It is about celebrating who you are."

Doesn't that sound like the greatest thing ever?  Don't you want to just compulsively read everything on the site?  I do!

Clothes, books, travel, fat-shaming, sex, gender issues, protesting, medical marijuana, lip name it, this site has it.  The writers are amazing, and because of the policy of having to include a picture of themselves with every article, you really feel like you know them.  (Emily, Cat and Julieanne are my favourites!)

It's where I go when I need a break, when I just need to zone out and read something easy and they usually leave me laughing out loud over their crazy stream of consciousness writing style - that is, when they're not breaking my heart with some wrenching "It Happened to Me" article.

Seriously, check it out.  Then fall in love, and be cool like me and constantly be saying "Oh, I read it on xoJane!"

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