Tuesday, 7 February 2012

What's with today, today?

How have you been?  Because anyone I've talked to lately has been just miserable lately.  Everyone seems to have something going on that's just making them blah.  I'm told there's a full moon coming, and while I'm generally not very hippy dippy about stuff like that, I really do think that full moons do crazy things to people.  A few years of working in a group home and a few more of working in a court are enough to make me believe it.

So I've been in a little daze lately.  You know those times where you just feel foggy and don't totally know why?  That's me.  Of course, I'm a crazy person, so instead of being all lazy about it, it makes me want to be hyper productive to try and balance myself out.  I've got the urge to purge and can't wait to start going through some closets and desks and make myself a to-do list and get stuff DONE!

I'll post my to-do list and completed projects as I go (first up?  Finally installing that damn dishwasher.) but in the meantime, I'll leave you with a song that's been exploding my brain lately, in a good way.

Are you fighting a case of the blahs?  Is it the weird in-between weather we've been getting?  Is it the moon?  Something else all up in your grille?  How do you deal?


Eleven's Ink said...

Hmmm...vitamin D helps a lot (if you believe in vitamins). Comfort food and basically just riding out the winter season until the sun comes back then everything is yay okay!!

And LOOOOVE mumford and sons


Dan Brown said...

It's the February blahs! Comes around every year at this time.