Friday, 17 February 2012

Vivian Vendredi - Kitty!

Today is kind of a crazy day, so I just grabbed a quick video of Vivian this morning.  She's been talking a lot more lately, but "Kitty!" seems to be her favourite thing to yell.  Most of her talking is still repeating things like cookie, drink, eggs - stuff like that.  Not a whole lot of independent words yet, but it's coming along!

Hopefully I can get a better video of her talking soon - I guess she wasn't too chatty at 6:30 this morning (even though she slept through the night AGAIN!)

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Joan Crawford said...

Aw! Little Miss over here communicated almost solely in cat meows for roughly 5 months. She was quite expressive about it and so her intentions were always made clear... it got a few concerned looks from people (including her dad who would shake his head and blame my side of the family) but whatever, I was pretty sure she would stop doing it by the time she hit high school.