Monday, 6 February 2012

Outfit of the Day - Hey, look I'm wearing pants!

Are you noticing a trend with these posts?  Cardigan + skirt/shorts + black tights = ready for work in my world.  I do occasionally wear pants though.  Not very often, admittedly.  Right now I only have two pairs of work pants that I like wearing, so I probably only wear pants to work once a week.  It can be a nice change though!

Shirts are never long enough for me.  Damn boobs make everything too short.  I love this blousey top, so I've been layering it with a longer T-shirt so I don't end up looking like a giant cube.  This is actually a problem I have.

My hair looks pretty good in these pictures.  Must have been a day where I actually bothered to blow dry it.

God, I hate how honey-coloured these floors are.

Pants - Suzy Shier
Purple top - Old Navy
Green top - Smart Set
Shoes - Bootlegger


pH Alberta said...

I like the blouse. Is it short sleeved or do you have the sleeves rolled up? The layering with the t-shirt looks great.

....and I like the floor too!

ashlie said...

That blouse has half-length sleeves - perfect for me since I push them up anyway!