Thursday, 23 February 2012


It's the Oscars this weekend!  Do you all get excited about the Oscars like I do?  I love curling up on the couch to watch all dozen hours of it or however long it takes.  I've been watching it every year since I was about 12 I think.  Even if I'm exhausted the next day, I just have to stay up until the bitter end to see who snags that Best Picture trophy.

I love the fashion, I love the speeches, I love the presenters - but mostly I love being in the know.

I love waking up the next day and knowing about the dress they're talking about on the radio, and which celebrity did something outrageous.  What can I say, I'm kind of slutty with my pop culture intake - I want it all!

One day I would love to go to a big fancy Oscars party, where people make bets on the winners and eat movie-themed snacks (Cheese Moneyball, anyone?)  I know that's about the dorkiest thing ever, but I would totally go.  Yes, this is the place where I'm soliciting for invitations.  If you host such a party, invite me!

What about you?  Do you dive in for the whole red carpet pre-show and full awards show with a big glass of Diet Pepsi and bowl of popcorn like me?  Or do you avoid the whole spectacle and prefer to just check out the dresses and winners the next morning?

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Dan Brown said...

We'll have to have a party next year. Since we're up watching it, we might as well find some way to feel good about it!