Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Hot or Cold

I think we can all agree that there are some foods that are just better cold than hot.  Or at least room temperature - why does everything taste better at room temperature?  Anyway, one of my favourites is egg rolls.  As delicious as a hot egg roll is, I love a cold one even more.  There's nothing better than stealing a leftover egg roll out of the fridge in the morning for breakfast.  Love it.

So what else is better cold than hot?  The obvious top answers are pizza and KFC.  You know why pizza is better cold?  Because it actually stays together.  I had it when you're eating a piece of hot pizza and all the toppings slide off in one bite so you end up with just saucy dough and crust.  With KFC you could argue that the skin is better when it's hot, but I find the piece of chicken as a whole is better when cold.  Yes, I've given this a lot of thought.

What are the lesser known ones?  How about anything breaded?  That would all fall into the room temperature category.  Mozzerella sticks?  Chicken fingers?  Jalapeno poppers?  Well, I don't eat those because I'm a wimp.  But I'm pretty sure they would fit here too.  They just taste better after they've been sitting out for a bit.  Ooh, potato skins fall into this category too.

Kraft dinner works better cold too, don't you think?  Or one of my favourites is Chef Boyardee ravioli straight outta the can.  Yes, I might have a little white trash in me.  Don't hate.

McDonald's cheeseburgers?  Leave them in the bag for a little while.  Mr. Noodles?  Make a perfectly acceptable cold lunch.

What do you think?  What tastes better cold than hot?  Is there anything that's supposed to be cold and tastes better hot?


Sara said...

I only like canned tuna at room temp straight out of the can. And I like Kraft Mac and cheese cold ether than hot.

Jill said...

I like cold chicken balls - Chinese food related I meant. :/

Dan Brown said...

Cold pizza is the worst! However, the true taste of pizza is how it tastes when it's reheated the next day.