Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Encyclopedias? Really?

Who actually goes out in search of a set of encyclopedias these days?

Why, that would be me of course!

Yes, I picked up this 1940s set of encyclopedias thanks to a listing on Freecycle.  They're so pretty, I love them so much.  Almost too much - I'm kind of dreading tearing them apart.  See, as usual I have a bunch of crazy projects planned for these, at least one of which includes tearing them apart just a little bit.

What do you think?  Did you love encyclopedias when you were a kid like I did?  Have any good projects to recommend?  It's still too cold to spray paint, so I need something else to do!


Melissa W said...

Do you remember those grey science-y encyclopedias you could buy at the grocery store eons ago? i LOVED those. I actually think I still have a few floating around at my parents' place :)

Dan Brown said...

I'm more of a dictionary guy than an encyclopedia guy.