Thursday, 16 February 2012

Come House Stalking With Me!

Can we all talk about how awesome Google Maps is?  Seriously, how did we ever function before it?  I love to use it to check out a place before I go there to buy something from Kijiji (My rule is to only buy stuff from people who have nicer houses and drive nicer cars than I do) or to scope out parking at a place I've never been to before or just for some good old fashion internet stalking.  Don't judge, you've done it too.  I know it!

And so today with the help of the magic of Google Maps I thought I would share some of my favourite houses in London with you.  I love London.  I loved living here, and I'm so glad that I get to be here every day for work.  Sure it's a pain driving to work (and my car is about to hit 200,000 kms) but I am still enchanted with some of the neighbourhoods and am constantly falling in love with houses.  There are so many crazy big amazing houses in this area (hello, Plunkett Estate!) but there are also loads of smaller, unique, charming houses.  Here are my faves!

And of course I start with one that isn't even a house.  This little apartment building is at Richmond and Huron, maybe you recognize it.  I fantasized about living here the entire time I was in university.  I love those itty-bitty balconies and imagine that the place is filled with creative types who line their windowsills with books and share meals with their neighbours in a cool-sitcomy way.  It's probably actually filled with old people who will never ever leave.  I've never once seen a for rent or for sale sign on this building.

If you ever took any classes at King's College, you might recognize this place.  Just a bit further down Huron from my apartment building is this lovely house that has the unfortunate circumstance of having a very busy bus stop right in front.  I've spent many hours standing on those gnarled tree roots waiting for the 1 Kipps Lane bus to pick me up.  But seriously - look at that front porch!  I would live on that porch, just sitting there reading.

Oh, Wortley Road.  I love, love, love Wortley Village and it's just chock full of beautiful amazing houses, but this one just calls to me with that unique panel on the left side.  I love big, old houses and this one is just awesome.  Again with the great front porch!

Urgh, this one is frustrating.  I'm obsessed with the house on the left, but you can barely see it for the tree.  This is why Google Maps needs to have winter and summer versions.  How are you supposed to sufficiently stalk places if you can barely see it?  Frustrating.  Anyway, this house is on Commissioners Road, right across from Springbank Park.  It's very, very similar to the house on the right, which is why I included it in the picture.  The house on the left is WAY better though because the slanted roof is just one big slant, not broken like on the right.  It also has a nicer stone exterior and bigger front windows.  It's so midcentury and delicious, I picture it having a big sunken living room with awesome updated shag carpeting where I could lounge and drink martinis.  What?  Is that weird?  Seriously, I want to have a fancy cocktail party in this house.  Someone find me the owners.

So there's a few of my faves in the good old Forest City.  What about you?  Where are your favourite houses?  Are you a crazy Google Maps stalker too?  It's okay, you can admit it.  This is a safe place.

For even more house-stalking fun, check out this MLS listing while it's still active.  Who knew there was a Scottish castle in Delaware, Ontario?

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