Friday, 13 January 2012

Vivian Vendredi - Bathtub Tricks

Vivian's been a little under the weather this week - again.  Man, babies suck in the winter.  Either you're chasing them around trying to convince them to put on hats and mitts or they're throwing up all over the place.  Good times.

Anyway, this week I finally managed to catch a couple of Vivian's tricks on camera.  She's been talking a lot more - she's added "Hi" "Bath" and "Down" to her little vocabulary, and now you can see her shaking her head no (a favourite trick of hers.  Luckily she's just learned to nod as well.) and blowing kisses.  Hold onto your hats, it's about to get adorable in here.

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Aunt Jill said...

Well you were right ADORABLE!!!