Monday, 9 January 2012

Thrifty Finds

One of my favourite parts about being back at work (aside from getting to actually interact with other adults) is that I get to do some lunch time thrift shopping.  There's a Talize and a Value Village pretty close to my work and I love to wander the aisles and see what I can find.  I'm pretty impressed with what I got this week - hopefully there's more to come!

These pretty little plates are real stoneware and were 49 cents each!  Love the colours.

I love vintage Pyrex and have decided that I want to start collecting it, because clearly I need more junk around the house.  I thought this wheat bowl was a pretty good place to start, even though it was a little pricey at $6.

I can never resist a good cheap book, so it was pretty easy to slip these bad boys into my cart.

And here's my prize - my favourite find.  He was right there as soon as I walked in and I just had to take him home.

I think his name will be Darrell.  He looks like a Darrell to me.  The antlers come out, and for some reason they never look quite right when I put them in, but I'm working on it.

Not your idea of an awesome find?  Well, just you wait and see what I do with it with a little help from some spray paint.  This $5 find is going to be awesome, just you wait!

Then on Sunday I stopped in to check out a new resale store in Strathroy called "One Man's Treasures".  The store is really cute and will no doubt be a new favourite!  They have an antique library desk identical to one I was stalking on Kijiji a few months ago, but could never justify buying.  My favourite part about this store is they take requests - just write down what you're looking for and they'll give you a call if they come across it!  I've got them on the hunt for more vintage Pyrex and vintage Fiestaware.  Here's the thing about me and Fiestaware - I've come across some pieces twice and didn't buy them, and I will forever regret it.  One time it was a set of mixing bowls that I obsessed over for about a week and by the time I decided to pull the trigger, someone else bought them.  Another time it was a vintage turquoise pitcher that I loved but for some reason never bought.  At the time I didn't realize what Fiestaware was - damn my younger self!  Let me know if you ever come across one - I'll love you forever!

Anyway, all I picked up at One Man's Treasures were these little chess pieces.

It was $2.25 for all of them, and I love them.  I love chess pieces, but don't know how to play.  These will also be getting a bit of a facelift thanks to some new spray paint I also grabbed today!

Have you found anything great lately?


Sara said...

Darrell. is. awesome.

Do the antlers go in a different way? Like can the twist upwards (like a buck) or are is he supposed to be more ram like?

I am still a thrift store virgin...I really want to start checking them out because I have seen so many awesome things. Good luck with the spray paint!

Sara said...

Holy spelling/grammar errors in my first comment. Looooong day!

ashlie said...

I'm glad someone else loves Darrell! He looks so good now! You can put his antlers in different ways, but if you point them to the back they'll hit the wall, so having them out to the sides like that seems the most practical. Oh, and GET YOURSELF TO A THRIFT STORE IMMEDIATELY!