Monday, 23 January 2012


I don't know if you know this or not, but I'm pretty much famous.

I know, I know.  It might come as a surprise.

But can you see this?

If you can't quite make it out, that's a screencap of my comment on Young House Love, one of my absolute favourite blogs.  Sherry had a post last week about these antlers that she bought and spray painted and was naming Malcolm, so of course I had to post to tell her about Darrell.

And she commented back!

Can you read it?  She says "I. Love. Darrell."  Do you know what that means?  That means that Sherry from Young House Love actually read my blog.  My blog!  And that she loves Darrell.  My crazy random Darrell.

We're basically best friends now.  Internet best friends at least.



Sara said...

OMG! OMG! I would freak out like a little girl if this happened to me! Just the way to start your Monday...have a good one!

Sunny J said...

That is cool, but what is not cool is that you browse with Safari (Chrome is where its at). Also you can select a tighter screenshot area using Command-Shift-4.

ashlie said...

Hahaha, I knew someone would give me a hard time for the Safari! I use Chrome on the PC, but the Mac needs some updates to be able to run Chrome. We're having a lot of problems with the Mac lately, it's being a sad old man!