Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Collect all...3?

I don't think it's any secret that I am someone who enjoys free things.  I also enjoy cereal.  So imagine my delight when I found boxes of cereal with a code to send away for a free retro T-shirt.  I was determined to collect all four.

Things started out well with Shreddies...


...and Alpha Bits...

I only needed the Sugar Crisp to complete my obsession.  Of course, my plans were thwarted.  I couldn't find the box with a code.  I figured the promotion was over and accepted that my collection would never be complete.

Then - a miracle!  While wandering the Superstore in that special haze that only comes when you escape the house without a baby in tow, I found a box of Sugar Crisp with the promo code.  Being the well brought up girl I am, I ate the cereal before tearing the box apart to get the code.

You guys - they were out of Sugar Crisp shirts.  Total devastation.

Fun fact - the CCM T-shirt I'm wearing also came from a cereal box.  I might have a problem.

So now I have an incomplete collection of cereal shirts that no one else cares about but me.  And it drives me crazy.

My only hope now is to find a Sugar Crisp shirt at Value Village or something one day.  I saw a kid at the arena wearing the Shreddies one...unfortunately it's not the first time I've encountered a child wearing a shirt I also own.

(P.S. - I'm not some insane egomaniac who is all of a sudden obsessed with putting her own pictures up everywhere or anything.  I've just been reading articles on xoJane constantly lately and they have a policy where every post has to include a picture of the author, to help the reader connect to them.  I think it's a pretty good idea, and I've just realized that taking pictures with the webcam is a lot easier than using the camera and then uploading them.  So be prepared to see a lot of random webcam pictures of me.  Lucky, lucky blog readers.)


Amanda T said...

I tried to order the Shreddies one the other day, which they claimed still had some available, but no luck! I hate it when that happens!

Mrs. Shaxfield said...

*Lucky Charm beach towel
*Cheerios beach towel
*Hockey Canada long sleeve shirt
*Gas Cards
*Exercise ball

Theses are the free things I have collected in the last year from cereal and cheese.