Monday, 19 December 2011

Radvent: Day 19 - Identity

Who am I at my best?

Let's see.

I'm a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, neighbour, confidante, coworker, pet-owner, blogger, night owl, fangirl, TV addict, pop culture junkie, bookworm, comic book nerd, runner, rower, book club member, DIYer, spray paint addict, Dr. Pepper lover.

And at my worst?

I'm a procrastinator, stubborn, jealous, lazy, shallow, bad backer-upper, judgmental, critical, messy, self-doubting, phone call ignorer, late bill payer.

I think it all balances out though.


Eleven's Ink said...

I'm so doing this next month! Your radvent is my countdown to christmas as well LOL :P

It does balances itself out and I love how you assert yourself! Truly, the inspiring is the other way around!!

Aunt Jill said...

I just realized that you when at your worst is me!

Aunt Jill said...

Ok sorry for the bad grammar there. I have to fix that:

I just realized that when you are at your worst, you are me. whew that's better lol!

ashlie said...

My worst can't be all that bad then, Aunt Jill!