Sunday, 18 December 2011

Oh, Christmas Tree!

I'm a very stubborn person.  A few weeks ago, I got the idea in my head that I wanted a white Christmas Tree.  So I threw the idea out there on Facebook - tacky, or fabulously tacky?

There were many naysayers who thought I would regret not having a traditional tree.  But the more people tell me not to do something, the more I want to do it.  

So I went with my fabulously tacky 60% off white Christmas tree.

The pictures don't really do it justice - in person it looks much fuller and sparklier - it's actually white and iridescent, so it's all glittery and sparkly in person.

I bought a bunch of cheap-o disco ball ornaments from Jysk - they were all marked down to like $2.50 a package.  Once I got the ornaments on it, I thought it needed something a little extra, so I pulled out my box of paint chips and made a little colourful garland.  I tried stringing them together, but no matter what I did they ended up flipping around backwards and just looking wonky.  So I busted out my glue gun and just glued them all together in a long chain to wrap around the tree.

Of course I topped it all off with a big purple bow.  What else would you put on top of a white disco ball Christmas tree?

I think the trick to having a white tree is to stick with a theme for your ornaments.  If you were to put on a mishmash of ornaments, it would just look a little crazy.  Keeping things in the same vein - bright, colourful and disco balls - keeps it grounded and leaning towards the fabulously tacky side of things.

I still have all my regular ornaments, which I think I might use on a garland wrapped around the bannister for the stairs or something - I would hate for them to go to waste!

What do you think?  Tacky or fabulously tacky?  You should see it in person - it looks much better!  Come on over for a holiday drink, you can see my bottles hiding out on the top of the china cabinet next to the tree!


Sylvia Lewis-Havard said...

I'm on the fence. I think you need some tinsel. Or maybe it's just that the sparkles don't show up (thanks for nothing kodak)

ashlie said...

I would add tinsel - but with two idiot cats in the house, I don't think it's worth the risk!