Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The Best Week of the Year

Welcome to my absolute favourite week of the year - that weird, dead week between Christmas and New Years.

Most people are off work, everybody's broke, nobody care what they eat because the resolutions start next week, you can get drunk on a random night in the middle of the week and it's socially acceptable because it's still the holidays, there's World Junior hockey on, movie matinees to check out, new DVDs to watch, new clothes to wear, new toys to play with, new books to read - it's awesome!

This year my favourite week of the year also happens to be my last week at home with Vivian.  Even though my maternity leave ran out at the end of November, I've been on vacation from work all month and only working one or two days a week to ease back into things.  The new year brings full-time work for me so I will definitely be enjoying this last wonderful lazy week.

Any big plans for this week?

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