Monday, 7 November 2011

The Sliding Doors Haircut

Have you ever seen the movie "Sliding Doors" with Gwyneth Paltrow?  It's a pretty good movie that shows how one small decision can change your life.  In the movie, we see what happens when Gwyneth Paltrow's character comes home early from work one day to find her boyfriend cheating on her.  We also see the alternative, where she is delayed on her way home and doesn't catch him.

The most exciting part of the movie?  In the timeline where she catches her cheating boyfriend, she ends up with the world's most awesome haircut.

You know how sometimes women get that urge to cut their hair short and are constantly searching for that perfect short haircut?  This is that haircut.

I know many, many women who have attempted this haircut, myself included.  The problem with haircuts like these is they work best when you have a professional styling it for you every day.  Otherwise, you just end up with hair that can't be put into a ponytail and constantly falls in your eyes and just doesn't work.

Isn't that always the way?

It's the same thing with Meg Ryan haircuts.  My mom is a hair stylist, and it's funny to see how many people will come in asking for the same thing.  Meg Ryan hair is definitely one of those.  The problem with these haircuts is that they only work if you have that specific kind of hair.

Take my hair, for example.  Right now my hair looks like this.

That's me at my birthday party.  I got customized Dharma wine.  I was pretty excited about it.

See, that's my hair.  Not horrible, I guess.  But not awesome.

But in my mind, it looks something like these haircuts...

Cobie Smulders and Dianna Agron I am not.

Oh well.  I'll just avoid a mirror and keep thinking my hair has that cute disheveled look, and not that "my baby rips my hair out and I haven't used a blow dryer or straightener in a year" look.

Have you tried the Sliding Doors haircut?


Joan Crawford said...

Sliding Doors was surprisingly good. I have never tried the short cut... I have always instinctively known I am not dedicated enough to craft it every day. Some women are able to manage their time and straighten their hair to perfection but I am more of a "scrunch it all up so it looks kinda curly and then twist in up in a clip" girl. I have done this every day for 7 years.

Hmm, that's sad now that I read it like that. I did try a shorter cut but it came out so short in the back that the lady had to shave my neck and I couldn't pull it back - hated it! I seriously want Ellen DeGeneres' new super short hair. I probably be one of those weird old ladies with short, spiky hair who wear ugly jewelry and have mermaid shirts and weird stuff on my lawn.

Aw, that makes me feel better :)

Anonymous said...

I have done that exact hair cut and it is deceptively easy to achieve.

I have quite fine, wavy hair and the trick is to have the fringe just a tiny bit longer than Gwyneth's (not even a centimeter).

The key is to use a small blob of hair gel when the hair is still damp. You have to dry it in more or less the style you want it and you can smooth it down and it will basically stay like that all day.

It's also really easy to grow out.

Vends said...

I love that haircut! I remember seeing the movie and loving the haircut AND the new wardrobe she got.. like I could afford it. I'm someone who is always changing her hair, I have gone from shoulder length to pixie cut and back again. I have just gone the gwynnie doors look at last and loving it! My hair is fine thick curly but easily straightens so I just use some mousse and a vent brush with a touch of ghd at the end if it needs it. Takes me 6 mins. Ok,ok not as perfect as hers but near enough for me and I imagine it looks like hers and that makes me happy :-)