Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Penn and Teller Tell a Lie

Do you love Penn and Teller as much as I do?  I love them.  They're so funny and bold and eccentric - I just think they're great.  I would love to see one of their Vegas shows one day.  Until that day comes, I'll have to settle for watching them in their new show on Discovery Channel.

Have you seen it yet?  It's called Penn & Teller Tell a Lie, and I think it's really fun.  They present six outrageous claims and stories.  Things like the Nazis used exploding bottles of wine as weapons, you can blow out a forest fire with a jet engine, you can crack a safe with liquid nitrogen - all kinds of weird and wacky things.  They present the options, and you have to decide which one is the lie.  You can vote online for your choice, which they reveal at the end.  It reminds me a lot of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, only with their signature Penn and Teller comedy and style.

If you need something fun and interesting to watch on Wednesday nights at 10:00, check out the Discovery Channel, and try to find the lie!

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