Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Mixed VHS

Poor Vivian.  She'll never know the feeling of having to blow in a VCR to try and get it to play, or the endless frustration of a VCR that has eaten a tape.  She'll also never know the joy of the mixed VHS tape.

Did you ever make those?  I was a big recorder back in the day.  I guess it was just the old fashioned version of having a DVR.  I would record all kinds of things - awards shows, TV movies, episodes of shows I loved, music videos, and had stacks and stacks of tapes with all kinds of random things on them.  I can distinctly remember having one tape just for cartoons (old episodes of Family Guy from before it was cancelled, South Park, Simpsons) one for episodes of Saturday Night Live, and all kinds of movies recorded.  I would record really random things sometimes - I know I had "The Top 10 Haunted Vacation Spots" recorded for some reason (number one was the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast).  I don't really know why I did it, I never got around to watching most of the stuff again.  I suppose part of it was the collector aspect of me - I wanted people to know that these were the things I was watching.  Unfortunately, I chucked them all in a dumpster a few years ago in a fit of cleaning my too-small apartment.  It's silly to be attached to things that you can just find on YouTube now, but still.  Sometimes I miss those days of having to rewind things.

Here's a few gems that lived on those tapes.


Rita said...

That's hysterical! Remember the VHS camcorders. We had to put the VHS tape directly into those GINORMOUS things, not to mention lug it around to family events!! ugh...those were the good ol'days!

Joan Crawford said...

Hahaha! Gah, now that I look back at it - the 90's were kinda doinky. Eee, I'm cringing!