Monday, 14 November 2011

Is this no longer a thing?

I love cereal.  Like, I love it to Seinfeld proportions.  I could eat cereal for every meal, quite happily.

But I've noticed something lately - what happened to prizes in the cereal box?  Do they not exist anymore?  Is Vivian going to grow up never knowing the joy of sifting through a box of Shreddies looking for the prize?  It seems like everything is promotional codes to enter online.  My most recent box of cereal had a PIN you enter online to send away for a free retro T-shirt.  I got another T-shirt a few months ago, as well as an issue of The Hockey News.  Another box of cereal had a coupon printed inside for a free container of yogurt.

So do we have better prizes, but you have to put in the effort of going online to get them?  Are the days of the cheap plastic toy to incite you to buy a box of cereal gone?

Someone please tell me somewhere there is still cereal with a prize inside.

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