Friday, 21 October 2011

Vivian Vendredi - I think she's sending me a message

Now that it's fall here, the weather has been cold and wet and windy so playing outside hasn't really been an option for Vivian.  My mom loaned us her water table and I got it set up in the kitchen for Vivian to play with.  I decided not to put sand in it because we have two stupid cats and I could just picture them thinking, "How convenient!  A lovely table of sand right here in the kitchen for us!"  Yeah, I wasn't up for it.  So instead I went through the pantry and filled the table with pasta and lentils to give her lots of fun textures to play with.

Oh yeah, that looks fun.

The good news is, Vivian does love playing with it, and it keeps her busy while I'm cooking.  The bad news is, I think she would much prefer it be an actual water table again.  Here's what she thinks of it.

Handful after handful gets thrown on the floor.  I'm amazed that there's still anything left in it at this point.  Maybe she thinks that if she can throw it all on the floor then I'll give in and put water in it for her again.  We'll see.

Here's another somewhat random video for anyone who doesn't have me on Facebook - you get a good idea of where she's at with her walking in this one.

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