Monday, 24 October 2011

I have an addiction. I understand this.'s a story.

I've been selling a few things on Kijiji lately.  I made a sale to a girl and offered to drop it off to her since she lived on my way to an appointment.  She wasn't going to be home at the time, but said she would leave the money with her husband.  Easy peasy.

Of course, my GPS dies on my way to her house, so I have to navigate my way through the subdivision on my own trying to find her house.  I turn the wrong way down her street and see this bad boy sitting at the side of the road.

Can you believe it?

Of course, it's raining and I have to drop off the item first.  So I find her house, ring the bell and tell the husband I'm dropping something off and he's supposed to have some money for me.  He has no idea what I'm talking about.  "That's okay," I say, "I have an appointment to go to anyway, I can come back in an hour or so if that's helpful."  "No, no.  It's okay, I have to go out anyway.  Just follow me to the bank."  Next thing I know, this guy is loading his kid in the car and I'm following him to the bank leaving my chair behind.  After waiting in the parking lot all shady like for my cash, we finalize the Kijiji deal and I have to head off to my appointment.  I made a deal with myself to go back and see if the chair was still there, and if it is it would be meant to be.

It was still there.  Hooray!

I love it.  It's awesome and exactly matches my other chairs (remember these?).  These chairs have been popping up everywhere - I saw one in the background of an episode of Parks and Recreation.  See what's hiding behind Andy?

I saw one in another show, but I forget which one.

Sarah Richardson even used them in her amazing cottage.

Don't they look pretty in white?

Anyway, now I have two regular chairs and one on wheels.  Restoration Hardware is selling reproductions of this exact chair for $495, so I think finding an original one on the side of the road is a pretty good score.

In weathered driftood and black

So now I don't know what to do with all of them.  They all need a bit of gluing, and the new wheeled one has some damage that needs to be fixed somehow...

...but they're all still super solid and all kinds of awesome.

Any suggestions?  I'm still torn between painting them or staining them.

Have you found anything awesome at the side of the road lately?  And yes, those wine crates are still sitting in my garage.  I don't know what to do with them yet.

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Dan Brown said...

I say use stain, not paint.