Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Don't let the pink 80s writing fool you.

I don't usually review movies on here, mostly because I'm too rambly and there's just so many other people who do a much better job than I could do.  However, my friend Jenn and I went to see Drive the other night and I feel I need to share my thoughts on this film.

Holy.  Shit.

That's my review.

This was honestly the craziest experience I've ever had at the movies.  I went in thinking I knew what the movie was about - Ryan Gosling plays a Hollywood stunt man who is also a getaway car driver on the side. Seems pretty simple.  Bryan Cranston is in it, which is awesome.  So's Christina Hendricks - extra awesome!  For the first half of the movie we were kind of lulled into this nice movie - oh, he has a cute neighbour with a cute kid!  Oh, they want him to be a racecar driver!  This is great.

About halfway through the movie, it takes a huge turn and we spent the rest of the time hiding behind our hands asking each other, "What is happening?!"

I won't tell you what happens - it is a really good movie, and you should see it for yourself.  This is honestly the first movie in a very long time that literally made my jaw drop.  For anyone who has already seen it - it was the hotel scene that did me in.  Crazy.  I mean, Albert Brooks plays a mobster.  Do you know how disconcerting it is to hear Finding Nemo's dad yell obscenities and stab people?  Crazy.

See this movie if you can handle gore and violence.  Be careful driving after it.  Jenn and I could barely find our way out of the parking lot after.


Rita said...

Great I can't wait to see it!!! I'm glad you reviewed it and I think you did an AWESOME job!! Holy Shit really says tons to me truthfully and now I CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE IT!! haha- love it!!

ashlie said...

Glad you enjoyed my review!