Friday, 30 September 2011

Vivian Vendredi - Getting bossy

All of a sudden, Vivian is really communicating with us.  She claps when she's happy, she signs "all done" when she doesn't want something anymore, she gives me hugs that aren't thinly veiled operations at stealing my glasses or pulling my hair, she shakes her head "no" if I ask her to come over to me when she doesn't want to - she's really getting expressive.  I love it.

She's not really saying words yet though.  She'll make the sound for Mama and Dada, but hasn't really associated it with us, at least I don't think she has.  Sometimes she'll say "Mumumum" when I go in to get her from her nap, but not all the time.

I know people always say that you shouldn't wish them any older, because one day I'll wish she was this small again, but I really can't wait until she's older.  She's so close to getting what she wants, it's frustrating to see her struggle to play with older kids and throw tantrums because she can't ask for what she wants.  She's been taking a few steps on her own and is definitely determined to keep going.  She learned how to go down the stairs the other day too.  I was amazed at how quickly she learned it.  It probably only took about 20 minutes for her to go from trying it for the first time to mastering it and crawling up and down the stairs at my mom's house.  I love to watch her learn.

As she's getting more expressive though, she's definitely getting bossy.  If she doesn't want to eat something, she signs "all done" as forcefully as she can (just picture her angry little arms flapping all over the place) until I take it away or she throws it on the floor, whatever happens first.  Her favourite game right now is playing on the laptop.  If I'm typing, she'll pull my hands away so she can type.  The other day I just gave in and let her bang on it, but apparently that wasn't fun enough because she took my hand, put it on the keyboard, then pulled it away again, just to make a game of it.

She's quite the girl.  Who knows what she'll come up with next.

Oh, and she broke the camera this week.  We were fighting over it and she threw it on the floor.  I'm hoping it will come back to life like it did last time, but in the mean time, we'll just have to use the webcam!

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