Monday, 19 September 2011

Movie Munchies

I came across this article sometime ago about smuggling snacks at the movies.  It made me laugh, because I am definitely someone who has gotten their seats at the movie, dumped out my purse and left all my junk with whichever poor soul has come to the movie with me, then dashed out to the adjoining mall's food court and returned to the movie triumphant with a purse filled with goodies not typically found at the movies.  A burger, a sandwich, some candy bought in bulk, it doesn't matter.  It's all about the smuggle.

Of course it gets even worse at the Stars and Strollers shows - these are the matinees where you can bring your baby.  Not only do the staff not care at all about what you haul into the movie, you have a stroller with you and can stuff it full of all kinds of stuff!  Bottles of pop, bags of chips, you name it, you can find a place to stash it.

But do you agree with the article?  Are there some foods that are too offending to smuggle in to a movie? Some smells that just shouldn't blend with buttery popcorn?  I don't know, I think if you can smuggle it in, it's fair game.  I don't think anyone is smuggling in curry or anything, but maybe I'm wrong.

With the prices at the movies, I think it's pretty much expected now that you'll hear at least one or two cans of pop being opened during a loud part of a trailer, don't you?  Are you the one doing the discreet opening?


serviceiscentral said...

I've actually stopped at the LCBO/Beer store on my way to the movies. My mom was pretty appauled when I handed her a can of strongbow, but she still drank it (she didn't pull of the 'casual' very well, I'm surprised she didn't get us pinched).

I had a friend that used to bring in a whole bottle of wine.

It's all fair game I say


Dan Brown said...

Let's just say Amanda and I have finally discovered a use for the big pockets on the sides of my cargo shorts. They can hold snacks galore! Have you seen Crimes and Misdemeanors, when Woody Allen smuggles a cheeseburger into the movies? That's where I draw the line. Oh, and we don't smuggle stuff into the Hyland or Rainbow. We have a policy of only screwing the big guys.