Thursday, 1 September 2011

Challenge Accepted

So Jagger comes home from work the other day;

J - "I liked your blog post today about the clothes."
A - "Oh, thanks."
J - "It reminded me of why I married you, that's totally something I would do, count up all my clothes."
A - "You should do it, you have way more clothes than I do."
J - "No I don't!  I just did a big purge, you have way more clothes than I do!"
A - "I'm going and counting your clothes right now.  Your clothes are in three closets!"
J - "What, no they're not.  They're in our room and my suits are in the office, that's it."
A - "You have a bunch of hoodies in Vivian's closet!"
J - "Oh, well you still have more clothes."
A - "I'm going to count them right now."

So I marched down the hall with my notebook and pen and started counting it up.

  • 4 pairs of jeans.  Seems reasonable
  • 31 T-shirts.  Yeah.
  • 5 pairs of shorts
  • 2 pairs of jogging pants
  • 3 short sleeved button down shirts
  • 9 long sleeved button down shirts 
  • 12 golf shirts
  • 3 pairs of khakis
  • 13 hoodies (!)
  • 2 sweaters
  • 1 sweater vest
  • 4 jerseys
  • 3 suits
I didn't take pictures of everything, because I was on a mission.  But seriously, doesn't this sound like a lot more than my wardrobe?  (Which, I should add, has been edited down even further since I posted about it)  I mean, come on - 31 T-shirts and 13 hoodies?  What the hell.

Now who's the hoarder?


Dan Brown said...

Do you count fleece zip-up tops without hoods as hoodies? Or do they go in a separate category?

ashlie said...

For Jagger's inventory, I counted any sweater/jacket type things as hoodies. Just didn't feel like breaking it all down!