Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Awkward - Parking

Just one of those awkward little moments that make life a little more interesting.

You know when you get in your car to leave a busy parking lot and you realize that the car directly in front of you is also just about to leave?  So you play that little game of "who can pretend to do stuff in their car until the other car pulls out first so you can then have a pull-through spot instead of having to back out and potentially kill someone"?  You change the radio station.  You look for something in the glove box.  You set your GPS for no good reason.  You pretend to check your messages on the phone.  All in the hopes that the other person blinks first and takes the plunge to back out.

Even though it might be quicker to just back out first, it's a small victory to be that car that gets the pull-through.

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