Friday, 26 August 2011

Vivian Vendredi - Never Slowing Down

This has been quite the week for Vivian.  We went to Niagara Falls on Sunday, and did Marineland on Monday.  She seemed to have a good time, despite not wanting to sleep at all during the day (that would require possibly missing something).  Her favourite parts?  The great big bathtub at the hotel and sneaking a juice box from the older kids.  She hid in the bathroom to try and drink it, and brought herself a cookie as well.  Letting my baby eat a cookie and drink juice on a hotel bathroom floor?  I expect my mother of the year award to arrive any day now.

She's developed a new love of Greek yogurt - especially when I let her feed it to herself.

Her top two teeth are just poking through - I can't wait to see her little bunny smile.

She has started kissing me back - although it's usually just a ploy to get my glasses.  She'll kiss me on my cheek, but while she's doing it, her little hand will be trying to steal my glasses.

She's also started to make a "come here" motion with her hands - usually it's directed at the cats.

That isn't it, but I think it's funny how blurry her arms are - crazy little flapper.

Sorry this video is so dark, but it was pretty late when she was up doing this.  She's taken to pushing her chair up against the shelves and then climbing up to pull all of her books off the shelf.

She's been really interested in looking at her books lately.  And yes, my living room always looks like that now.

So that's Vivian this week.  A climbing, waving, kissing, screaming, cruising little bundle of energy.

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Rita said...

She's precious!!