Thursday, 18 August 2011

I might be addicted to spray painting now.

I've been wanting to do something with Jagger's nightstand for some time now.


It's old, very beat up and just not a super great piece of furniture.  It serves its purpose though, and I don't want to spend a bunch of money on something new, so I thought it would be a good time to try some spray painting.

I ignored every single tutorial online about painting laminate furniture.  Instead, I just roughed it up a bit with some sandpaper and then went to town with some white spray paint.

The white did not go over well.  All it did was highlight every tiny bit of damage on the piece.  There's been quite a bit of water damage, so there's a lot of bubbling areas, and the glossy white paint might as well have painted giant arrows pointing at the damage.

I figured I would just press on and use the white spray paint as a primer coat and slap something else on. I wanted to try navy, but Lowes only had a glossy navy spray paint, and I thought it might be better to try something matte.  So I went with this cappuccino colour instead.

The knobs aren't great.  I couldn't decide what kind of knobs to go with, so I just grabbed the cheapest cheapo ones they had for now.  I also couldn't find a pull for the bottom drawer that was wide enough, so I just went with knobs as well.

I'm totally happy with how it turned out though - there is something very satisfying about painting with spray paint - some immediate gratification kind of thing.  Now I can't wait to find something else to spray paint!

Have you been updating anything lately?


Rita said...

You are too funny!! I think it looks great and remember you can always spray paint the knobs and pulls plus you already know they'll fit. Just a suggestion!! Good luck on your next spray painting job. Tell Jaggar not to stay still too long because it becomes addicting and he might need a touch up or two!!

ashlie said...

Ha - that reminds me of "Death Becomes Her". Remember that movie? When they're both falling apart and carrying around cans of spray paint for touch ups? I love it.

I was going to spray paint the original hardware, but couldn't decide on a finish (white? oil rubbed bronze?) plus I wasn't crazy about the bottom drawer pull with the weird fake keyhole in it, and I can't find anything wide enough to fit. I'd love to hear your suggestions though, Rita!