Thursday, 2 June 2011

Yard Saleing and Curb Shopping

This past weekend was town-wide yard sales here in Strathroy.  I didn't make it out to as many as I'd hoped to, but Vivian and I did make it out to a couple.

This was my prize of the day...

 I saw the chair sitting at this one yard sale, so I figured I would see how much it was.  I had a $20 in my pocket, and figured that would be my limit on this chair.  It's vintage, and it's solid wood, so I thought they might want $20 or more for it.  Imagine my suprise when I asked how much it was and the lady told me it was $2.  Two dollars!  Score.  It even fit in my car.

That was my only yard sale purchase, but I did have some luck with some curbside finds after the yard sales were over.  I was lucky enough to have my dad's truck on the Sunday, so I was able to pick up lots of stuff.

This coffee table isn't pretty, but I like the shape of it and the low second shelf.  I really don't need another coffee table (I already have 2) but hey, it was free!

 We don't have any patio furniture, so I figured I could grab these two chairs if only to have some extra seating for outside.

Just a little bookcase.  This was with the coffee table.  I'm planning on movie all our DVDs and Blu-Rays downstairs away from Vivian, so this shelf should come in handy.

I saw this little table and chairs at a yard sale earlier in the day, but just had a feeling they might be sitting at the curb later.  They're pretty dingy, I bet if they even bothered to clean them up a bit, they would have sold.  Oh well, good for me!

I'm actually regretting this one a bit.  It's a children's art table - that's why it's sloped like that, to hold the paper like on an easel kind of.  It's really big and pretty heavy though.  It was a bit impulsive to grab this one.  Who knows, maybe I can sell it on Kijiji to turn a profit!

This little guy was with the art table.  There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it, it just needs to be cleaned up.  I think it will look awesome!

Anyone else have any luck with some yard sales lately?

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Dan Brown said...

In life, you can never have too many coffee tables. You will always find a use for them.