Friday, 10 June 2011

Vivian Vendredi - Halfway to the Party

This past weekend was Blair's first birthday.  It's almost impossible to believe that it's been a year already.  Of course, the party just made me start itching to plan Vivian's first birthday party - now only 6 months away.  Insane.

This was the best picture we could get of the two of them together.

I almost prefer the outtakes.

Oh, cousins.

Anyway, I'm already starting to plan Vivian's birthday.  There's just so many ideas out there (seriously, Pinterest is taking over my life.  If you don't want to waste 3 hours, do not search "First birthday" on Pinterest.)  Of course I want it to be pretty, and special and all those wonderful things, but mostly I just want it to be fun for her, and enjoyable for our family and friends.  I know if I want to follow a theme, make the cake myself, do something different like have donuts instead of cake, have a swimming party, a party at our house, a party at a hall that we rent...there's so many options.  Hopefully I don't overdo it and  end up ignoring the guest of honour.

Any tips or tricks for kids birthday parties?

(BTW - Vivian is working very hard on crawling.  She's up on her hands and knees and rocking like crazy lately - maybe next week we'll have a crawler!)


Joan Crawford said...

I love the outtakes! You both have gorgeous babies and I don't mean that in an "All Babies Are Beautiful" way, I really mean it.

ashlie said...

Aw, thanks Joan! We think they're cute, but it's nice to get validation of it!