Wednesday, 29 June 2011

So what you're saying is I don't look 12?

The other day I joined my friend Jerri for lunch at Wendy's.  It's our thing - every time we go out for lunch, we go for Wendy's.  It's an awesome treat.  This time, because I'm trying to be good with Weight Watchers, I decided to order a kid's meal to control my portions (and to justify getting a Frosty for dessert).  Once we got Vivian settled at the table with Jerri, I headed up to order.

Me - "A cheeseburger kids meal with a diet Coke, please."
Wendy's Lady - Giving me the side eye at the order of diet Coke.  "Okay, that's $4.19."
Me - Counting out change because I'm unemployed.
Wendy's Lady - "Is this for a child?"
Me - "Oh, no, it's for me."
Wendy's Lady - "Just so you know, we really aren't supposed to sell them to people unless they're for kids."
Me - "Really?  I'm just trying to be good for Weight Watchers."
Wendy's Lady - "I get it, my niece does the same thing.  But, yeah."
Me - "Do you want me to say it's for a kid?  Will that make your life easier?"
Wendy's Lady - "No, it's okay, but just so you know."
Me - "I don't need a toy or a fancy bag or anything."
Wendy's Lady - "No, it's okay."

Now, I know it clearly says on the sign that the kid's menu is for 12 and under, but really?  Is this some sort of epidemic - adults ordering off the kids menu?  Is it somehow costing them a bunch of money?  Because my alternative is to order just a cheeseburger and the small fries on the $1.39 menu or whatever.  That's what I usually do at McDonalds, because I just want to get a dollar drink instead of buying a combo.  Really, what's the big deal?  I'm still ordering, still paying money (sure it was a bunch of change, but still)  Am I really costing the Wendy's empire here?  Is it better to tell her that I was ordering a kids meal for Vivian?  Would that make me look better?

Honestly, it's just easier to order a kids meal than to order pieces separately.  For reals.  Just give me my portion controlled hamburger and perfect size of fries and leave me alone.

You're skating on thin ice with me, Wendy.  The clown never gives me a hard time about what I order.


Lauren said...

haha! good point Ashlie. Unfortunately a lot of restaurants won't let you order off the kids meal. I also don't see the point behind it...

Sunny J said...

Wendys Manager:"Company policy says I have to watch you feed that cheeseburger to the infant so as to make sure it is in fact a 'kids meal"."

ashlie said...

I let Vivian eat a fry, does that count?

Blam said...

Ew, McDonalds? I haven't eaten there in years! 8^)

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