Wednesday, 25 May 2011

So long, O

Today I'm doing about the most housewifeish thing I've done since I've been home on mat leave.

I'm watching Oprah with some friends who are also on mat leave.

Yes, we're having an Oprah Party.

In case you work for a living and don't get to watch daytime TV all day, today is Oprah's last show.  I invited my friends Paula and Sherilyn to come over with their babies to watch the last episode.  Mostly, it's an excuse to eat yummy snacks and gossip while the babies roll around on the floor.

It is a monumental thing though - 25 years of Oprah is about to come to an end.  I don't have any "Oprah changed my life" moments or anything.  I haven't watched Oprah consistently over the years or anything, just occasionally when I happen to catch it or if it's something big, like the Favourite Things episodes.  Lately though, since I've been home, I've been taping it and watching it pretty consistently.  It's usually pretty entertaining, but it can definitely get overly shmaltzy, especially this season with it being the big "Farewell Season".

Regardless, (not irregardless - that's not a word.) I'll be watching her last episode, just to see what she does.  It's history!

Will you be watching when Oprah takes her last ugly cry?

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Dan Brown said...

I once knew a woman who went on Oprah's show. She was the same woman who later was found to be mentally ill and making up stories about someone chasing after her. When she was on Oprah, it struck us strange that she used a different name as the one we knew her by. Later, it sorta made sense.