Thursday, 12 May 2011


I seem to learn something new everyday about being a parent.  Yesterday's lesson was "it's really easy to accidentally shoplift when you have a cart full of baby and baby stuff."

We went to Home Depot yesterday to pick up a few things - a clamp to fix my rocking chair, some chalkboard paint because Pinterest has made me want to cover everything in chalkboard paint, some peel and stick tiles to fix the landing, and a small paint brush for another project I'm planning.  Somehow, the paint brush didn't quite make it to the checkout.  Oops.

See, here's how things go.  I put Vivian in the shopping cart in her car seat.  The Home Depot had the older, deep shopping carts, so she got stuck way down there.  I used the seat part of the shopping cart to tuck her diaper bag in.  Normally, I wouldn't bring in her diaper bag, but I had to change her, so I had to drag in all of her stuff.

Anyway, the cart was full before I started putting things in it.  So you find little nooks and crannies to stick things, and hope they don't fall all over the place.  I was also dealing with some pants that were falling off of me, so I was a little distracted by the time I got up to the checkout.  To further complicate things, for some reason I decided to use the self checkout.

By the time I got out to the car and got Vivian and all her stuff back in the car, I realized the paint brush was stuck under the diaper bag.  Oops.

Of course, there was no way I was going back into the store to pay for a $4 paint brush.  Sorry, Vivian.  No morality lesson for you today.

Oh, and I tried to get into someone else's car before I realized it wasn't mine.  Not a great day for me.

I'm told this is pretty common - it seems everyone has had a time when something has found its way into the stroller or cart and didn't get paid for.  So tell me your best "I blame the baby" shoplifting story!

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Eleven's Ink said...

my mom still "blames the baby" lmao