Monday, 25 April 2011

Royal Wedding

I don't know if you've heard, but there's this wedding that's happening on Friday.  It's kind of a big deal.

Because I was born in 1982 (sorry if that makes anyone feel bad!) I missed the whole Princess Diana wedding deal.  So the William/Kate wedding is a pretty big deal for me.  I want to watch it, and be able to tell Vivian when she's older that we watched it together, even though she'll probably (hopefully) be asleep while it's on live.  I want to save the newspaper from that day and get her commemorative magazines and the whole bit.

My dilemma, however, is this.  Do I really want to get up at the crack of dawn (most coverage is starting at 3:00 a.m. with the ceremony on at 6:00 a.m.) to watch it live?  Or should I just DVR it and watch it later at my leisure?  Part of me really wants the experience of watching it live, but another part of me really likes to sleep.  I keep trying to imagine one day telling Vivian, "Oh yes, of course I watched the royal wedding!  I couldn't be bothered to get out of bed, so I just watched it later.  You know, when I could fast forward through all the boring stuff."  Doesn't quite seem right.

Issue number two?  What feed do I watch?  Do I go classy and watch one of the networks feeds, which will no doubt be very serious about the whole thing (but might get incredibly tedious - especially if I heard the phrase "modern fairy tale" more than 78 times) or do I watch something a little more fun like the E! or TLC coverage?  (Clinton Kelly reporting!)

What do you think?  Are you planning on getting up to watch this whole deal go down?


Paula D. said...

Hey, Paula here.
I say watch it live-that way Vivian will be super impressed that you watched it while it was taking place, not later on. It won't have the same affect if you record it for later viewing. weeks or years later it won't matter that you missed one day of sleeping...Sleep is overrated anyway. far as which news feed to watch, why don't you flip channels until you come across one you really like?

Sunny J said...

It's not the Moon landing.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to watch it live too since I was too young to care about the 1982 wedding. I thought people that got up to watch were nuts! lol

But, I have to work - thanks for getting married on a weekday Wills!!

Get up and watch Ashlie, you will be glad you did and (hopefully) Vivian will let you nap later. There is something cool about watching the same thing at the same time with the whole world. The generation of DVR users don't really seem to care about that though...

Aunt Jill

Dan Brown said...

Years from now, when you tell Vivian you got up to watch the royal wedding, she's not going to ask if you watched it live or not. She's going to ask "What's television?"

Joan Crawford said...

I watched it from the time they left the ceremony to The Kiss and thought of you and Vivian!