Thursday, 21 April 2011


Before I had Vivian, I knew that I wanted to try babywearing.  I had read such good things about attachment parenting and the bond that you can get by wearing your baby.  Of course, like everything else I do, I researched the heck out different carriers.

Initially I wanted to get a wrap, like the Moby wrap.

I liked the flexibility of it.  They seem to be really popular right now, and it looked really comfortable.

Then, just before I was due, I ended up winning a sling from a Under the Moon, a local store.  I won an UpMama sling.

I found it was really great for when she was tiny, but right now it's difficult to hold her in it.  I also never felt totally comfortable going hands-free with it and always kept my arm under her just in case.  I think it will be better when she's a bit bigger and I can hold her on my hip like in the picture above though.

Next stop on my babywearing adventure was the classic Snugli.

I liked the Snugli, but I found I could really only wear it for about an hour at a time before my back started aching.  It seemed to really put all the weight right between my shoulder blades, and I knew as she got bigger it would only get worse.

I then went to an Infantino carrier after seeing a friend with theirs.  It seemed to be a little bit better constructed than the Snugli, and I managed to find one on Kijiji for $15, so I figured it was worth a shot.

It was better, but it still seemed to focus the weight between my shoulders.  The version that I have also maxes out at 20 pounds, so I knew it wasn't a forever solution.  Although, they do seem to have a lot of different options that might be better.

After much research, I decided to go with an Ergo.

Everything I was reading kept coming back to the Ergo.  People raved about how comfortable it was and how long you could wear your child in it.  I was lucky enough to score one off Kijiji (oh how I love Kijiji).  The woman who sold it to me was just heartbroken to see it go, but assured me that I would love it.

So far, I absolutely love it.  It's super comfortable to wear, and I love how adaptable it is.  As Vivian gets bigger, I can wear her on my front, hip or back.  I love the little sleeping hood that snaps on the front, it provides perfect cover for her from the wind, sun or rain.

I think the biggest difference between the Ergo and other carriers that I tried is that with the Ergo, your baby is being held against you, and with the others she was hanging off of me.

I haven't used it too much yet, but I'm planning on using it a lot this summer.  Specifically, I'm excited to use it for Free Comic Book Day.  That was really what started this whole quest.  I knew that I wanted Vivian to come with us for FCBD, but I didn't want to bring the stroller, so I knew I would need something that would be comfortable to wear her in for hours.  Bingo.

For trying so many options, I lucked out with not spending a lot.  I won the UpMama (a $90 value), the Snugli was $30 (bought with a gift card), the Infantino was a $15 Kijiji find, and the Ergo was a $75 Kijiji find.

If you're shopping for a baby carrier, I really recommend doing your research.  There's a lot of different options out there, and it's important to know what you're getting into.  If you know someone who has a carrier, ask to try it on and see how it fits you.  Trust me, there's a huge difference between one that's comfortable and one that isn't!

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