Monday, 14 March 2011

What happened to all the mutts?

I want a dog.  Not right now (that would be crazy) but sometime in the next few years, I want a dog.  So, when I'm bored I'll often spend time browsing on Kijiji looking at pictures of puppies and wondering what kind of dog we might end up getting.

Growing up, the best dogs we had were always mutts.  At least a little bit.  Black lab/flat coat retriever, Australian shepherd/German shepherd, doberman/rottweiler, rottweiler/German shepherd.  The mixes seemed to keep them even-tempered and smart.  There wasn't inbreeding, and usually they were free.

What happened to mutts?

Now on Kijiji it seems like any dog that should be a mutt just has a new name slapped on them.  Puggle, Malshi, Shorkie, Bernadoodle,'s crazy!  Just because two random dogs get together and have a bunch of puppies doesn't mean you can then invent a new name for them and then charge $600 a pop.  It's ridiculous

Whatever happened to people having a random litter of puppies and just giving them away?  Is that a complete thing of the past?


Eleven's Ink said...

Yup, totally agree. The worst one is the bull dog and shih tzu = bullshit. hahahaha

But yeah it's insane now what people will do to get money. Two dogs mixed togheter, however fancy their name can be, is a mutt.

I always had mutts too until I got my golden retrievers. Mutts obey so much better too they are not pompous!

Jill said...

I agree Ashlie! On the other hand you can find dogs for free on Kijiji!

Here's one I'd love to have...