Thursday, 31 March 2011

Say What?

I wanted to write a little post as a shout-out to my friend Kevin.  Kevin is a good friend, but one that I've never met.  He and I first "met" on the LOST message boards a few years ago, and stay in touch through Facebook for all kinds of "did you watch this show?" chats and whatever other nonsense we have going on.

Recently, Kevin's started his own blog - "Wiki Wiki What", and you should check it out!  It's full of rants, lists, and short stories.  Check out his Friday the 13th inspired short story, and his ongoing saga of Jesus Murphy.  He has a blog contest going right now to decide the title of his next chapter (I won the last contest - thanks for the $10 Timmie's card, Kevin!)

Kevin was also nice enough to send me a V for Vendetta poster last week, which I can't wait to hang in our somewhat finished basement.

So go check him out - he's been much better at posting regularly than I have been lately!

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Eleven's Ink said...

;) Glad you enjoy the poster!!!! :D